Welcome to Souleil Lune

SLC was created by Vladi with the intention to help souls on their spiritual journey shine their Light and navigate through the Darkness with the resources, tools, and practices they need to reach ascension.

My mission is to create a sacred space through a one-stop-shop for spiritual healing and ascension. I believe humans require a balance of light and darkness in order to grow. It is through dark times when light is found - like refuge at the end of the tunnel, soothing us and guiding us forward. If we turn away from our darkness - our "shadow side" - we hinder access to our deepest, most authentic selves. Finding equilibrium between these dualities - the feminine and masculine, the positive and the negative - is where we find our inner peace. Both the sun and the moon are essential for personal evolution.

My services provide unique insights around self exploration and healing, aiming to raise the vibrational consciousness of the collective. From Reiki-Infused Crystal jewelry and tarot/oracle card readings, to private health coaching and astrology chart break downs, you can find it all here!

Be sure to check out my Astro Ascension Mentorship where I am cultivating a program that integrates my background in Behavioral Psychology and expertise in Astrology to ascend you into your highest timeline thus far

You can scope out my intentional jewelry at the Crystal Shop, and browse my professional offerings under Soul Services

I hope you find what you're looking for,

Happy Healing Soul Fam!

With Much Love,

Vladi Peña,

SLC Founder

Third Eye