Finding Balance in Libra Season

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Happy Libra Season Soul-Mates!

There's just something so beautiful about this time of year as nature begins to prepare for Her final transition as the air becomes crisp, calm, and even more refreshing. That's no coincidence Soul-Mates, with the start of the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, our days are nearly equal light and dark. This could explain why Libra is symbolized by the scales, which are constantly in a state of balance.

Whether you're a level aired Libra Sun sign or have Libra placements in your Natal (Birth) Chart, there are key traits and factors that we can learn about our cardinal air sign to guide you best through this season and how to practice Soul Wellness.

The Enlightened Side of the Scale

Libra's main focus is to find the perfect balance and harmony through their relationships and the arts. Librans are the Zodiacs' master of partnerships and feel a sense of purpose by playing matchmaker when they feel people should be put together. You may find yourself leaning towards more diplomatic solutions to appease your inner circle, have an acute sense of tolerance towards others and putting those closest to you first before your own needs.

When balancing their moral scales, Librans are easy adaptors. This trait allows for their breeze-like imagination to kick in to illuminate different perspectives when facing obstacles, which can be frustrating for other Zodiac signs. With their "head in the clouds", Librans' imagination can be seen as temperamental, due to their ability to compromise internally with self justification.

The Shadow Side of the Scale

On the other side of the scale, during the Libra season you may find it hard to make quality decisions quickly, which can be a struggle for signs that are impulsive with decision making. This is because they are known for not wanting to rock the boat or making others feel excluded. As the Zodiacs' peacekeeper, Libra's trait is to not express their discomfort but to mediate a peaceful coexistence for all in the group.

With Venus as the planetary ruler, there is a huge appreciation for art and beauty; including your very own. So what if you get caught taking a few extra selfies at the art gallery or arrived fashionably late on that scheduled Zoom Meeting; the Ying to your confident Yang, is to not be so self critical that your inner circle sees you as unreliable. When these moments arise, don't allow yourself to become so self absorbed that you lose sight of the global picture and become off-balance with your relationships.

Now that you're equipped with a basic level of knowledge of Libra season, let's elevate your vibrations while embodying the Libra spirit of perfect harmony through some common spiritual, emotional and even overall well being best practices.

Soul Wellness

What exactly is "Soul Wellness"?

Within the Soleil Lune Collaborative, we believe in having a interconnected or holistic approach to healing emotionally, spiritualty and an overall intentional human experience.

Soul Wellness is defined as the intentional call to action to align one's moral, emotional and natural sense of identity.

Basically Soul-Mates, this is a beautiful method to share like minded experiences, tips and the consistent knowledge of community.

Here are 5 ways you can elevate or invite balance into your life through the end of the Libra season.

1) Stay Present

Libra is the ruler of interpersonal relationships emphasizing your closest bonds. Due to the global pandemic, we are not able to satiate the Libra essence of IRL interactions. This is a global challenge on it's own as we've all come to recognize that we each need some form of human interaction. Sharpen those virtual skills you took a crash course in six months ago by staying connected to your inner circle through virtual happy hours, dates, trivia nights or any virtual activity that embodies the spirit of togetherness

2) Slow Down

The Divine Feminine Energy (no matter your gender identification) is calling from within you and your surrounding environment at the start of the fall season. Libra season is about maximizing your amount of pleasure in every experience even through the smallest additions in your routine. Invite your fur baby to join morning yoga, take ten minutes during your lunch break to meditate, or even jamming out to your favorite artist during your daily commute are simple yet great examples of how to get the best out of your time.

3) Let's get "Happy"

Allowing yourself to be in a loving, happy mindset will invite the same from everyone and everything around you. Believe me I know, this sounds too easy, however research has shown that by radiating positivity and love, this can have an immediate healing influence throughout your inner circle.

4) Healing with Art and Beauty

Invoke the essence of Venus, Goddess of art and beauty; surround yourself in your own esthetic of beauty, welcome the fresh autumn foliage in your décor, virtually visit an art gallery or create a playlist of songs that stir up memories of nostalgia. The air has a delicate aroma of romance promoting my favorite mood; Self-Love.

5) Fear does not exist in the face of Love

We can all agree that on top of the pandemic, our social norms are flavored with more malice than we're used to in our own social circles. To paraphrase, the definition of Fear is "an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous"; let's be clear. Fear is a normal and valid human response however it's the actions that we take to combat said fear that define our existence.

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” — Nelson Mandela

Soul-Mates, we urge you to act in a constant state of Love to combat the repercussions of Fear-based actions and thinking. When choosing Love over Fear, you’ll then find that life becomes much more fulfilling.

SoulLab Discussion:

Which Soul Wellness tip resonates with conquering or finding balance for you during Libra season?

What are you currently doing to bring Soul Wellness to your daily routine?

Sending you good vibes to your Soul Wellness,


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