How Crystal Healing lead to a Soul Tribe Community

Chances are you were drawn to this blog through your innate passion or appreciation for crystals and stones with a beautiful setting. The creator of Soleil Lune Collaborative, Vladi Peña, also shares this passion however she felt the urge to take a deeper dive to find in-depth meaning to these beautiful gems.

Let's kick off our inaugural Cosmic Chat with none other then the creator, Vladi Peña as she shares her direction for crystal healing and how this passion blossomed into a Soul Collaborative Community.


What inspired you to start your own custom Crystal Healing Jewelry boutique?

Vladi - (laughs) Funny, I was presented with the opportunity to provide tarot readings for a monthly subscription box that focuses on healing the 7 chakras. The box was created by Endo-Warrior which is a company that focuses on endometriosis and overall self healing. While collaborating, the curator mentioned she also wanted to include crystal healing to help with chakra blockages. Given my own personal experience with crystal healing, I felt that I would be able to be more intentional with the crystals by creating custom pieces instead of simply assigning a crystal to said monthly chakra being represented.

What was your first crystal healing piece that you've personally owned?

Vladi - I do believe it was a Rose Quartz necklace. At the time, I didn’t realize the power I had in my hands, which is the funny thing about crystals. Crystals promote self healing for what you need to face and work on from within. It’s said that crystals “call to you,” and the Rose Quartz absolutely did call me because what I needed to work on was self-love.

Vladi's Deep Reflection: All the things that happen in life are a reflection of our daily interactions. We have the innate ability to make life a 2-way mirror when in essence it’s a self reflection.

In what ways would you like to see the Soleil Lune Collaborative's social impact?

Vladi - I want to provide an open platform for people, we are more than just an outlet for "likes", posts and followers. I want to reach people that truly need a hand to guide them to remember that they’re not alone. My goal is to share information to help them navigate through their own personal, spiritual journeys.

Since starting up the Collaborative what have you learned about yourself?

Vladi - I need to let go of control, to trust and have faith in the universe and those that I have chosen to surround myself. Between creating the website, Instagram, Blog, jewelry materials and sourcing crystals; I’ve been able to accomplish my set deadlines because I’ve trusted my Tribe to get me through it all. In allowing them to help me grow, I feel it will help them to grow individually, as well. There has been so much encouragement through challenging moments and I’m grateful to see where the universe has taken me and I’m blessed for the trust and support I’ve received from my Tribe.

Vladi's Deep Reflection: Self-Awareness allows you to step back and appreciate even the smallest things that are happening around you.

With social distance restrictions and self quarantine, what would you say has helped you to be more spiritually intune?

Vladi - I read self-help books, my personal favorite being— Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King. I gather more resources and tools to help me become more intune with what is happening all around me. I also use crystals to help guide me during my meditations for whatever healing process is needed and selecting new crystals to help me align or unblock my chakras. I also enjoy being in nature and taking in the beauty that Mother Earth has to give us. I am especially drawn to animals, I see them as little messengers sent to us by our guides to deliver signs that we need in order to stay intune with our soul.


Let's be honest, many of us feel that there isn't much within our control during this unprecedent time. Take a brief moment where or whenever you can in your daily routine to practice to register your own self awareness. This can help you to recognize what the universe has offered you, what you inevitably can control, and to trust that you have your own best interests in mind.

Thank you to Soleil Lune Collaborative creator Vladi Peña for taking the time to share how you are continuing to grow in your spiritual process and how it may not always be right the first go around.

SoulLab Discussion: What crystal/stone was your first? What crystal/stone are you drawn to right now?

Until next time Soul-Mates,


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