Tarot vs Oracle Cards

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

So you’ve been called to receive a card reading - how exciting! We offer both Tarot and Oracle card readings for those seeking greater understanding and guidance around a situation.

What is the difference between the cards?

Great Question!

However, we pose a question to you - what exactly do you wish to gain from your reading?

We ask you this because different divination decks offer different outcomes. Here is our take:


Traditionally, Tarot comes as a structured deck and gives personal, detailed messages. There are usually 78 cards - known as “Major Arcana” and “Minor Arcana” - which have specific meanings. Major Arcana cards reflect the energy of life milestones, events and/or turning points. Minor Arcana cards show the day-to-day insights and allow a closer look at the details that lie within. Although these cards are tied to particular meanings, it is important to note the interpretations can shift depending on the surrounding cards, and if a card is reversed (upside down). Tarot has the ability to tell a story and provide clarity for any questions you may have, making it a perfect choice for someone wanting more details and deeper connection to themselves.


On the other hand, Oracle cards are free-flowing and can feature almost any kind of content. There is no set number of cards, and different decks do not typically share a common theme. Energetically, Oracle cards hold a lot of “big picture” energy - they are more generalized, but allow us to view an overall sense of what is going on. Typically they have inspirational prayers, affirmations, or suggested actions printed on them. They are best for anyone seeking an overall sense of encouragement, validation, or direction.

Is one better than the other?

Absolutely not!  

Both Tarot and Oracle cards hold their own unique value and can even be used in conjunction with each other - if this interests you, please ask us about adding a divination deck to your reading! We are here to serve your spiritual needs to the best of our abilities with highest vibrations possible.

***Special Thanks to our seasoned Tarot Reader, Gigi Carpio, for creating this comprehensive breakdown! ***

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We hope we’ve cleared up the differences between Tarot and Oracle cards for you! If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask in the comments.

Happy Healing loves!

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